Our clients often seek us out for their most important or first-of-its-kind undertakings where no precedent exists. We embrace projects that may face public scrutiny, opposition, polarized stakeholders, complicated regulatory challenges, or potential litigation. Formulating strategies for new environmental applications is a forte. We apply our skills in environmental planning and natural resources services in coordination with our clients to develop strategic approaches, weigh pros and cons, and provide recommendations that effectively address the requirements of applicable laws and regulations and meet the needs of the client.


Effective and efficient CEQA, NEPA, and TRPA environmental reviews are integral to well-informed, project decision-making and, where necessary, legal defensibility.

Natural Resources

Combining sound science, savvy strategies, and innovative technology leads to effective natural resources management and planning outcomes.

Air Quality

Accurate modeling, clear analysis, and effective mitigation are essential to help jurisdictions achieve and maintain healthful air quality.

Climate Change

Actions that reduce GHG emissions, achieve climate resilience, and maintain economic vitality are critically important for our generation.

Urban Design + Planning

Passion for place. Creativity. Good science. Collaboration. Sound economics. Community character. Quality outcomes. In urban design, the best ideas win.

Recreation Planning

People love well planned and managed trails, parks, and outdoor recreation areas that balance resource protection with recreation opportunities.

Strategic Regulatory Guidance

In planning and environmental review, keeping the regulatory permit “end game” in mind is essential for success, whether it’s for Section 404, ESA, or other laws.