Planning should be not only rooted in strong market fundamentals and environmental analysis, but also visionary, bold, and impactful to the lives of community’s people, the goals of the jurisdiction, and the aspirations of the project owner.

At Ascent, we care deeply about the urban and suburban condition. Our planning process is collaborative and inclusive with the client and community. In the end, the best idea wins, not the highest ego. Designs are supported with clear principles, goals, and policies to move the project forward to implementation. The team is deadline driven and understands how to achieve project milestones.

The services we offer include the following:

  • Specific Plans and Area Plans that satisfy legal California statutes
  • Downtown Revitalization efforts that may be one block or several Districts in size
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) focused around both stations and corridors
  • New Community Planning in suburban and rural settings
  • Civic and Campus Planning for institutional, corporate, and academic clients
  • Park and Natural Lands Planning for both recreation and conservation purposes
  • Design Guidelines for urban and suburban projects

In addition, our urban designers partner with our environmental planners and biologists at Ascent to produce Sustainability and Climate Action Plans, Resource Management Plans, and plans to foster Public Health.  We leverage our in-house technical and scientific talent in many areas of expertise to add credibility to our physical designs. Ascent’s biologists, air quality and climate change specialists, historians, and CEQA/NEPA experts can help self-mitigate impacts during the planning process, saving the client time and money.

Finally, we are not bound by state borders. Our work spans not only the western US, but also includes assignments in every country within Southeast Asia (ASEAN), as well as India, China, Germany, and Egypt.